Karen Wilson Ama’Echefu Storytelling performance, March 25

How many times have you attended an event that was even better than advertised? Well, the JMRR in Adams Morgan was host to just such an event March 25, 2017, thanks to Karen Wilson Ama’Echefu and the extraordinary way she tells Bible stories. This charming, witty and wise singer, storyteller, and historian invited us to sing, dance, speak, laugh, think, imagine, touch, and be touched as we flowed into an afternoon of pure spiritual joy. “A Double Dose,” based on the story of Elisha and Elijah in II Kings 2, was the theme, and the standing-room-only crowd hung on every word and motion of the spiritual teacher to gain better understanding of how the spiritual principles identified in the stories could work in their lives.

Final answer, we need more Soul-Stirred Bible Stories at this Reading Room in Washington and at Christian Science Reading Rooms across the country. And because of all of you who so kindly joined us and graciously participated, we feel certain that we will. Thank you so much! For everyone, please stay tuned for your next opportunity to be lifted and enlightened, with a little bit of humor history. In the meantime, stop by the JMRR in Adams Morgan to see what else we have to fulfill your spiritual hunger.

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