Because Life Is Pretty Amazing!

It is. It really, really, is.
Come and celebrate with us! Hear a story, tell a story, read a story, buy a book, or magazine for yourself or someone in need. Eat, drink, and be amazingly merry with us during afternoons and evenings of pure spiritual celebration. Save 15% on every purchase, too!

We’ve got cookies and punch each day, and a restaurant on stand-by this Friday, June 30, and next Friday, July 7, to serve the most delicious hot food appetizers in this city for a small price! That, you can take our word on.

We’ll be here most evenings until 7 and Saturdays until 5. But we’ll stay longer if you need us to! Because we want to say thank you for being a friend to this Reading Room and share our joy and divine Love’s joy with you. Because we — you and us — as God’s perfect children shining our lights, are what the world needs more of.

Please come, please bring a friend of two, and please RSVP to

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