The truth about sin

The Christian Science Reading Room in Adams-Morgan warmly invites you to join in listening to the weekly Sentinel Watch podcast. This event occurs every Tuesday at 2 pm. Since only very limited seating is available in the Reading Room itself (which is now open from 12-3 Monday-Friday), you can join virtually. After the program there will be a brief opportunity for sharing. 

Join us Tuesday, November 10, at 2 pm. You can join via Zoom at, or join by phone at 301.715.8592, Meeting ID: 826 5077 3256.

This week’s guest talks about a spiritual view of the concept of sin as that which would seem to separate us from the infinite goodness of God, and how we can rise above that as an imposition on our freedom. She tells us how she has experienced this freedom herself and helped others find it, through an understanding of our true identity as inseparable from God.

For questions about this event, phone or email us. We look forward to having you and your friends join us. 

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