Responding to the news

The Christian Science Reading Room in Adams-Morgan warmly invites you to join in listening to the weekly Sentinel Watch podcast. This event occurs every Tuesday at 2 pm. Since only very limited seating is available in the Reading Room itself (which is now open from 12-3 Monday-Friday), you can join virtually. During the program, specific ideas for further consideration may be displayed on the screen; after the program there will be a brief opportunity for sharing thoughts and comments, if you wish to stay and listen or share. 

Have you ever considered that the way you consume the news has an impact on the world? It can be tempting to respond in an emotional way or not engage at all, because what you hear is too distressing. But we’re each in a position to nudge ourselves and our community at large to a better place. Journalist Rachael Myrow spoke with host Tony Lobl about how she works to do that in her chosen career and as a news consumer herself.

Join us Tuesday, May 31, at 2-3 pm. You can join via Zoom at or join by phone at 301.715.8592, Meeting ID: 834 3689 5293.

For questions about this event, phone or email us. We look forward to having you and your friends join us. 

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