What’s my purpose?

The Christian Science Jointly Maintained Reading Room Washington, D.C., warmly invites you to join in listening to the weekly Sentinel Watch podcast. This event occurs online every Tuesday at 2 pm. During the program, specific ideas for further consideration may be displayed on the screen; after the program there will be a brief opportunity for sharing thoughts and comments. 

Is purpose something that’s dependent on where we are in our lives — what we’re studying in school, where we’re working, or whether we can take advantage of certain opportunities? This week’s guests answer these questions by exploring an expansive — and spiritually-based —concept of purpose. 

Join us Tuesday, December 13, at 2-3 pm. You can join via Zoom at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83436895293 or join by phone at 301.715.8592, Meeting ID: 834 3689 5293. Please mute yourself during the program. (Listening by phone? Press *6 to mute.)

For questions about this event, email us. We look forward to having you and your friends join us. 

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