Can we trust God with our health?

The Christian Science Jointly Maintained Reading Room Washington, D.C., warmly invites you to join in listening to the weekly Sentinel Watch podcast. This event occurs online every Tuesday at 2 pm. During the program, specific ideas for further consideration may be displayed on the screen; after the program there will be a brief opportunity for sharing thoughts and comments. 

We welcome the new year with this poem by Mary Baker Eddy…

O blessings infinite!
O glad New Year!
Sweet sign and substance
Of God’s presence here.

Give us not only angels’ songs,
But Science vast, to which belongs
The tongue of angels
And the song of songs

(The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany, p. 354)

...and with a podcast series for the next four weeks talking about health care from a spiritual perspective. This week’s program is about what we can really trust for our health. 

Between the high cost of health care and a growing provider shortage, many people believe there’s no way to find or maintain good health. But maybe you’d be willing to consider that there is a power beyond any personal effort or medical expertise that is a reliable, empowering, and uplifting means of healing and health.

Join us Tuesday, January 3, at 2-3 pm. You can join via Zoom at or join by phone at 301.715.8592, Meeting ID: 834 3689 5293. Please mute yourself during the program. (Listening by phone? Press *6 to mute.)

For questions about this event, email us. We look forward to having you and your friends join us. 

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